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Dear Kaley Cuoco (Penny, nooo, your Russian fanboys never betray you!), Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice, Lea Michele, Ariana Grande, Brie Larson, Kristen Dunst, Becca Tobin, Jessica Brown Findlay, Hope Solo, Teresa Palmer, Kristen Ritter, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, McKayla Maroney, Ali Michael and Aubrey Plaza, Defcon Russia and @hackappcom and @abelenko are not related to your problems with leaked photos and iCloud. Maybe talk given by @hackappcom on Defcon Russia group meeting few days ago describing HOW you were hacked, but the bad guy who did it - not related to Defcon Group community, and actually your accounts were hacked BEFORE ibrute by @hackappcom was presented. So we are not related to this situation and our group's members are good and smart guys and we are working for the light and love. Anyway if your accounts were hacked by @hackappcom's method it's also means that your passwords are crap (and of course it's your own business what kind of information you uploading to the Cloud). Hope next time you (and other folks who paid attention to this story) will be more smart. And again - it is not YOUR fault, if your you are using BAD passwords, because your are celebrity, not nerds (look - Jim Parsons account was not hacked!). We now know that after this situation you are very experienced (we mean in IT Security) and you are welcome to visit any Defcon meetings around the world (Full list here: https://www.defcon.org/html/defcon-groups/dc-groups-index.html).

1) ibrute has been published a DAY before incident. It's very difficult to preform this kind of targeted attack during one day. So it's VERY unlikely that ibrute was used for this attack but maybe evil guys found same bug and used it.
2) @hackappcom and @abelenko are well known white hats (good IT Security specialist, not evil hackerz) - their reputation much important for them and for us than fun from posting these photos. We are good people and our reputation and past actions prove that anyone from us can't do something disgusting and illegal like this incident.
3) @hackappcom has sent report to the Apple about other bugs, but still got no response, so he just had no time and reason to inform Apple about this bug. Maybe it's a mistake, but evil hackerz has used this bug before @hackappcom even found it! (if they have used it, maybe they have used different attack vector, it's not proven and unknown, we can only guess).

Official comments from @hackappcom

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